Christianity: Individual or Corporate?

I have had a thought process going for about a week on this subject. It seems like people have drawn a line. On one side stands the Christians who believe Christianity is just about individuals. On the other side stands people who believe Christianity is only corporate. It is quite possible that this is just in my head. In my opinion, Christianity is both individualistic and corporate. I don’t know how many of us are in the middle, but I don’t hear much from us (perhaps because we already agree with both sides).

It seems obvious to me that each one of us is saved individually. Also, each one of us will be judged individually. Each one of us really does have a personal relationship with God (although that phrase seems worn out). I have developed great love for, and fellowship with some Christians during my walk with Christ. I have experienced Jesus in a corporate way through them, but God has still given me great spiritual blessings individually.

On the other hand, some people think Christianity is only individualistic. Sure, you can live as a Christian on your own. Unfortunately, the gifts that God has given you will go unused. Others’ gifts will not be used for your benefit, as they were meant to be. In Revelations, Jesus gives messages not to individuals, but to whole churches. You will never be able to experience Jesus, in all His fullness, outside of His Body. This is because each one of us is just a piece of the puzzle.

I would like to see Christians meet at the middle with us and embrace our individual walks and corporate walks with Jesus (not that one takes priority over another). I didn’t feel like looking for Scripture references, as these are simply my thoughts. I would enjoy comments though. All sides are welcome to comment.

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  1. Good point, indeed. I completely agree. It’s both a personal walk with Jesus and a corporate one. I think it was A.W. Tozer that made the anology of piano strings. When each individual chord is tuned seperately, the keys all sound better as a whole. Sort of like when one string on a guitar is out, the whole song is out of whack.
    I haven’t really heard a whole lot of people emphasizing on only the corporate side of worship. I usually only hear talk about individuality. I assume if someone were to only focus on the corporate expression of Christ, it would be because we hear plenty about the individual. But thats just my experience thus far.

    p.s. Thanks for adding Blogging for Jesus to your blogroll. I will return the favor 🙂

    • Michael, it was my pleasure adding your blog to my blogroll and I really appreciate that you will add mine to yours. You are right that the focus on the corporate expression of Christ comes in response to the modern emphasis on individuality. I think humans have a tendency to go from one extreme to another. But, I hope the Church finds the proper balancing point between the two.

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