“Detoxing” from Traditional Church

No offense to those of you who enjoy the traditional church, but I have never really fit in there. I have always felt like church was meant to be participatory, even before I heard of organic churches. I am now “detoxing” from traditional church. I use to get to tired when church would last more than an hour. Church would often leave me with a headache. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed church (but only for like an hour at a time). I admit, this left me with some guilt. Why would spending time with brothers and sisters in Christ leave me feeling tired? I found I enjoyed staying longer in Bible studies and prayer meetings. I could talk with people about God for hours. Now that I have begun going to an organic church, I am learning to stop watching the clock. It is enjoyable experiencing Jesus through His Body for a few hours. I am no longer an audience member. Instead, I am a participant in what Jesus wants to do with His people. I trust Jesus to lead us by His Spirit.

I understand that organic church may not be for all Christians, but if you haven’t heard of it you should check it out (especially if you feel out of place in traditional church).

Check out some reading materials on organic church if you want to learn more:
Pagan Christianity
Reimagining Church

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