How the Spiritual Gifts Work Together

In our look at the Spiritual Gifts, we’ve explored the Motivational Gifts, the Manifestations of the Spirit, and the Ministry Gifts. Let’s take a look at how the different type of gifts work together. We’ll use 2 imaginary people, named Joe and Jane, as examples.

First, Joe has the motivational gift of exhortation. Joe gives words of wisdom and prophecies to encourage others to grow spiritually. God gives Joe the ministry of teaching. Joe’s teaching focuses on helping other Christian’s grow spiritually.

Jane has the motivational gift of contribution. Jane has powerful faith to give in the face of great adversity and is able to discern between which ministries God is working in and which aren’t. God gives Jane the ministry gift of shepherding. Jane helps guide God’s sheep. She, especially, enjoys giving her time, giving her money, and opening her home to care for God’s sheep.

I hope this brief study will help us look at our brothers and sisters in a new light. They may have different focuses in their Christian walks, compared to ours. That is OK. We have to understand that our way of living Christ is not the only way. It takes all of us to form the complete and perfect image of Jesus Christ.

Let’s thank God for the great gifts which He has given to us in abundance. Also, let’s use the gifts God has given to build each other up, not to tear down.

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