How wonderful it is to walk in God’s presence. To constantly see Him working through your day and guiding you along your way. Sometimes, the delight in my heart is so great, it seems a shameful thing to express it. I often have to hide it inside myself, because I would seem like a crazy person to everyone around me. I have tried to tell people of the realness of Jesus, but they don’t understand. It would be an unbearable thing for me to entertain the thought of Jesus not existing. He is my dear friend, as real to me as any other. Perhaps, more real than any other. He is always with me, knows everything about me, and has experienced every single thing that I have experienced. I have the privilege of getting to know Him better. Daily, He lets me sit at the table of His blessings. I wish to express the inexpressible love of Christ to those around me, but words fall short. No words that I have found can truly express my experience with God. Some of my favorite time is spent in my car where I can be who I really am with God. I can shout and I can cry. I can be free to love and adore God with all that I am. If I am parked, then all my attention can be given to Him and what a wonderful dance it is, since He always gives me His full attention.

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