Contentment in God

We must stop focusing on what we don’t have. Instead, our attention should be on what God has given us. One leads to bitterness, the other leads to thankfulness. God is always faithful to give us what we need. If we are a child of God, everything that happens in our lives is for our good.

Through our difficulties, God is drawing us ever closer to Himself. He promises our rewards for our sufferings will be greatly worth all of our pain. The question is: do we truly believe God? Do we believe that He is faithful? Do we believe He is good? Do we believe that He is just?

Offer up your life as a living sacrifice to God. Give Him your possessions, desires, family, friends, health, and everything else that you hold dear. Let Him do with them as He pleases. All of it is loaned to us and we do not own any of it.

If you lack anything, ask God for it and be satisfied with His response. If you are asking for something good, then you can have full faith that He will give it to you. God always gives His children good things.

Give thanks to God for what you have. Find contentment and satisfaction in Him. Count all as loss, for the joy of knowing Him.

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