Some Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Homosexuals are discouraged from opposite sex ...

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This topic has been on my mind for quite some time, since there are people that I care about that are gay. I have avoided talking about it, because I don’t care much for politics. The majority of Christians have long stood against gay marriage. My question is this: should we take a stand against gay marriage in society?

When homosexuals are denied marriage, they are forced to have sex outside of marriage. What does this achieve for Christ, accept bitterness towards Him. In addition, sin is multiplied. Instead of one sin, homosexuality, there are two sins, homosexuality and fornication.

Should Christians require people who don’t believe in Christ to follow the Law of God, which Christian’s themselves are no longer under. Will following rules lead to faith in Christ? Christ has come and fulfilled the Law. We should not force people to follow it. Instead, we should testify to the riches and wonders that are in Christ. We should give them the opportunity to surrender their homosexuality to Christ, and live a new life through Him.

Christians should not practice homosexuality, because it is not of Christ. In God’s eyes, there is one Husband and one Wife. Marriage was created to show the relationship between Christ and His Bride, the Church. A marriage between same-sex individuals does not show the glorious relationship between Christ and His Church.

Lastly, homosexuality has proven to be a stumbling stone for many Christians. If you accept homosexuality as part of the freedom that is in Christ, then you should lay it down for the sake of your brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a stumbling stone that causes many children of God to stumble. Do you love the other members of the Body of Christ, in a such a way that you are willing to give up your homosexual life for their sakes?

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