Our Heart Failure

Most of our troubles are due not to our mental failure, but our heart failure really to grasp and apprehend the greatness of the Christ to whom we have been introduced, and to whose fellowship we have been brought by the grace of God. Is it not the need, the greatest need today everywhere, and particularly in the church of God, to recover something of this immensity of Christ?” – T. Austin Sparks, That He Might Fill All Things

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  1. Hey false Christian who doesn’t show how to be saved through over a dozen links and explanations he made himself and spent years refining like I did:

    How is it love to accuse without evidence as you did, with your conniving question, “Where is your love, that flows from Christ?”

    Where’s yours demon? How do you like it when I ask you that idiot and don’t say why I’m asking? Stop trolling spammer.

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