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3 Basic Methods to Creating a Sinless Society

There seems to be three methods to creating a sinless society. Each method is distinct and it is up to each individual to decide which is best.

The World’s Method

The world’s method is to erase sin. If there is no sin, then society is sinless. Everything is alright and nothing is wrong, since all things are relative and no one has the right to say what is wrong for someone else. Guilt is ignored.

Religion’s Method

Religion’s method is to work to overcome sin. People are burdened to work harder, try more, and give more in atonement for their sins. Guilt is multiplied.

Christ’s Method

Christ’s method is to cleanse us of our sins. Christ takes responsibility for our sins and pays the price. All guilt is removed.


What I Have in Common With Atheists

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I despise religion. It will be important to define religion before I explain why I hate religion so. Also, it will help to prevent confusion, considering I do believe in Christ. My definition of religion is this: It is man’s attempt to reach God. This is the basis of every religion, no matter what god or gods the religious people believe in.


So what is the problem with religion? It is simply that religion is a lie. Man can never reach God. God is so great and good, that we have no hope of ever reaching Him. People waste their lives trying to attain the impossible. It may get them through this life, but is it worth it? Nowadays, some people promote religion on the basis that it helps people to get through life or circumstances. But, if there is a life after this one, then it may not be smart to only focus on this one. When people spend their lives seeking something impossible in this life, they miss the truth.


What separates Christianity from religion? According to true Christian faith, God has decided to reach out to us. Obviously, there are a lot of christian religions, but I am not talking about those. Christians with a religious spirit are not Christians at all. A Christian spends each day reliant upon God for all things. Even our faith does not belong to us. Everything is a gift of God. Nothing can be earned, God freely gives all.


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