Slave by John MacArthur

In “Slave” by John MacArthur, Christians are reminded that we are slaves to Christ. This is a fact that has been ignored by modern Christianity due to the Greek word “doulos” being mistranslated as servant. The translators most likely avoided the term “slave” because of the western preconceived notions of slavery. In western society, slavery is an offensive idea, because of the evil that has occurred in western slavery.


Slaves of Christ should be understood in the context of Greco-Roman and Hebrew slavery. Many slaves were treated very well, although, there were slaves that were treated cruelly. Slaves with wealthy and influential masters enjoyed a high status in society because of their masters’ statuses. If the Cesar’s slaves were proud to be his slaves, how much more should we enjoy being the slaves of Christ?


John MacArthur also supports his view that we are slaves of Christ with the testimonies of faithful Christians throughout history. Early Christians boasted of the freedom that they found in being slaves of Christ. Martyrs could not deny their Master, because He had purchased them. Throughout history Christians have enjoyed a privileged position as slaves of Christ.


If you are not a slave of Christ, then you are a slave of sin. Sin is a harsh taskmaster, whereas Christ is pleased to welcome His slaves as members of His own family. Indeed, slaves of Christ are His brothers and sisters.


Let us be faithful slaves while our Master is away, so that He will be overjoyed upon His return.


I received this book free from through the christianaudio Reviewers program.

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  1. amen, slaves of Christ! So true the word slave is the actual Greek word for many words where the word servant is used. Galatians1:10 is a good example. The original is “of Christ a slave I would not have been” but is translated servant in most translations. I find it fascinating that in Gal 5:13 our translations say “serve one another in love” but the literal translation is “through love serve ye as slaves one another” or “be enslaved to one another in love.” While we are slaves of Christ we are at the same time to be enslaved to one another in love. Think this gives greater meaning to our understanding of fellowship for sure! Amazing! Just to be true to Scripture there is a main Greek word for servant and one for slave. The problem is in most instances the main word for servant “diakonos” is translated as minister or deacon instead of servant giving an institutional sense to the word versus the natural organic love expressed when one serves another by Christ’s life. Some thoughts, love it!

    • That is so true we need to be on God and Jesus side or we have to be on the Devil side. We all know who is the good and bad guys are.But some poeple don’t know how bad hell or how bad the Devil can be .They just have to figer it out by there self ,but i am going to try to help people that did bad stuff in the history to be good people so they will not go to hell or live with the Devil. That will even would be sad if a lot of people did bad crimes in our world just because they are mad or they just feel like it we have to help them , even if they will want to kill us or hurt us in anyway. Believe in yourself and we will all know God and Jesus will give us a second chance.

  2. Thanks for the great comments, John! May we learn to be slaves to each other in love as well.

  3. May I suggest you research the endnotes in SLAVE? They are important because nearly all of these references lead to heretical works of modernist and postmodern scholars who deny the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Some of these “scholars” are in fact rabidly anti-Christian, and their works, which Macarthur recommends as authoritative, are filled with slander and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ. One homosexual scholar cited by Macarthur wrote a blasphemous book which attempts to prove that Jesus was a homosexual. (Sex and the Single Savior) Other liberal scholars quoted by Macarthur claim that Christians in the early Church, including the Apostles, not only condoned the institution of slavery but were abusive and immoral slave owners and slave traders just like Roman slave owners/traders. For documentation, read this critical review:


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