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I Live Two Lives

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When someone asks me “how are you doing”, I am not sure how to answer. I have two responses: How I am feeling naturally and how I am in Christ. My response will be one of the two depending on the person asking the question or I might decide on the middle ground. For example, if I have joy because I am in Christ, but I am depressed because of my natural circumstances, I might answer the question with “I am alright”. If someone asks me about my week, I might answer “wonderful”, even though it was mundane. This is because, even though I did the same things that I do every week, I experienced Christ as my joy. He made my week wonderful. I might answer another person asking the same question with, “my week was good”. This is because I know that the person has no care for Christ or explaining my experience in Christ would confuse them. I often feel as if I am living double lives. One life is ordinary and bland, the other gets more and more exciting every day.

Which answer is correct? Both are correct to me. I don’t feel as if either is lying. Although, it is often difficult to decide which answer to give. I would appreciate any opinions.

Penetrating the Darkness by Jack Hayford

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In “Penetrating the Darkness”, Jack Hayford explains the authority Christ has given to us over the powers of darkness. We are not engaged in a war with flesh and blood, but with principalities in spiritual places. Thus, our warfare with the enemy is conducted by the Spirit, through prayer. Spiritual warfare in prayer is the major topic of this book. The audiobook that I listened to was narrated by Tim Lundeen. His voice was not boring, but soft enough to enjoy listening to during rides to and from work.

Some of the topics that the author discusses in this book are: Intercession, supplication, binding and loosing, and the keys to the kingdom. Jack Hayford uses a mix of Scripture, word study, and personal experience to explain these difficult topics. The author doesn’t distort these topics with a “name it and claim it” theology. Instead, the entire book is based on the power and the authority given to followers of Christ by His Spirit, through the blood and the cross.

If you are tired of being accused by the accuser, sick of seeing relationships ruined by the spirit of division, or angry at the blood of the righteous that has been spilled by the murderer, you will want to read this book. It will explain what Christ has given to you for the battle that the forces of heaven are engaged in against the forces of hell. If you think that spiritual warfare doesn’t involve you, then Satan will bring it to your door. You don’t have to be a victim. In Christ, each of us has been given the power to transform the lives of people around us and even the lives of those far away. We bring the light of Christ into the darkness, and the darkness cannot stand against it.

I received this book free from through the christianaudio Reviewers program.

Is God’s House Safe From Earthquakes?

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Therefore, this is what the Sovereign LORD says:
“Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem,
a firm and tested stone.
It is a precious cornerstone that is safe to build on.
Whoever believes need never be shaken. (Isa 28:16 NLT)

The Foundation Stone has come. He was tested in all the ways that we are tested, yet He was without sin. Christ is the precious cornerstone that is safe to build on. He has proven Himself strong and sturdy. The church that is being built together on Christ will not be shaken. It cannot fall. We, His Temple, can only be built together on Christ, the Lord’s Foundation Stone. Earthquakes will come to test your foundation. Many will fall because their foundation was built by man and not by God. Will you believe in the Foundation that God has sent, or will your trust in one of the many foundations that man has produced?

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