Translating Scripture

Joshua 1:1 in the Aleppo Codex.

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So I am making my own translation of the Bible. I enjoy translating. I do have experience translating, just not Greek or Hebrew. As I translate the Bible, I will post my translations chapter-by-chapter. I welcome your input and critique of my translation.


I am setting out to make my translation a mix of word-for-word and readable. Since Paul has some very large run-on sentences, I will try to cut them down into smaller sentences. I will do this so that they are more readable, but while maintaining the original meaning.


I am not a Greek scholar, nor do I have experience with Greek, so be patient with me. You may be wondering why I am doing this. A few reasons really. First, I want to get a better feel for what the writers of the Bible were saying and this is only possible by looking at the multiple meanings of the words that they used. Words in one language do not translate smoothly into another language. What takes one word to say in one language, may take multiple words to say in another language. Second, I want to give you, whoever is reading this, a different view of Scripture. Hopefully, my translation will be different enough to give you a richer reading of Scripture, without having to do the translation yourself (unless you want to). Third, I have found that I just enjoy translating it. It even seems kind of weird to me, but don’t we all have our own brand of weird?

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