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If we are to mature in the Lord, there are three stages that we must go through. These three are the same ones that Israel went through. Each of these stages is a recognition of an aspect of Christ and an experience of Him in a new way. Each step is necessary for us to grow into the New Man. Also, each step is taken by faith, just as Israel did in its journey.


Christ as Our Slain Lamb

Christ as our Slain Lamb is our initial step. When we recognize that He is the Lamb slain for the sins of the world, we put our faith in Him. This is the means by which we enter into Christ. Since, we have entered into Christ by faith, we are also included in His death and resurrection. Too many have seen this simply as an objective truth, but it must be a subjective experience if we are to be transformed into the Image of God through Christ. We can only experience it if, by faith, we take His death and resurrection as our own.


Christ as Our Manna and Living Water

Once we have this new life in Christ, we must learn to eat and drink of Christ. If we do not eat and drink Him, we cannot grow in Him. A dear brother in Christ, Michael has written a great blog on eating Christ here: Spiritual Starvation and the Manna that’s Already There. I highly suggest reading it. We don’t literally eat and drink Christ, since God is Spirit, we must eat and drink Him spiritually. First, we must recognize that our food and drink is not the true food and drink. Christ is the reality of these things. Then, we eat and drink Him by faith. We must learn how to do this through our constant communion with Him. This is how we grow in Christ. As we eat and drink Him, His Life is dispensed into us and He saturates us, nourishes us, and is our pleasure.


Christ as Our Promised Land

Christ as our Lamb, our Food, and our Drink are just partial pictures of Christ. There is no picture in the Old Testament that is as complete a picture of Christ as the Promised Land. As we are growing in Christ by eating and drinking Him, we must recognize that He is our Promised Land, God’s provision for our every need. He is the air we breathe, our milk and honey, the very land we walk on, and even our hills and valleys. He is everything to us. In Him, we live and move and have our being. Whatever we need, we already have it in Christ.


Just as each tribe of Israel was given a portion of Christ, so we have been given portions of Christ. We have the stewardship of the mystery of Christ, which is God in us. As stewards, we share our portions of Christ with each other, dispensing His Life into each other through the Spirit. Through this dispensing, the Body is being built up into the fullness of Christ, until we are His express Image.


Lastly, just as Israel had an enemy in the Promised Land, so we have an enemy that wishes to keep God from attaining His eternal desire. Since, we each have a portion of Christ, together we must put on the Armor of God, which is Christ Himself. When I lack faith, a brother or sister in Christ, will have faith to give me. When someone feels unrighteous, I can remind them that Christ is our Righteousness. The war must be fought in the Body, for the Armor of God goes on the New Man, who is the corporate Christ.


Having died and been resurrected with Christ, then eating and drinking our Lord, let us press on to the Promised Land, where Christ is all and in all.

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  1. First, thanks for the mention, brother. Very encouraging.

    Second, I LOVE this post! So true, indeed. It’s amazing how He takes us through various places of progress and deeper understanding of who He is.

    This is a great example of that process.

    • My pleasure, Michael. I enjoyed your post very much. It pleases my heart that you enjoyed my post. I am excited about what Christ has for us in the future. Each view of Him is greater than the last and I can’t imagine how it could get greater, but it always does. I learned this example of that process while listening to Witness Lee.

  2. very good post, Peter. I’ve been thinking about how so many Christians are between the Red Sea and the Jordan, pacing back and forth grumbling and doubting. May we all look to our Joshua who is Jesus and enter into the promised land where we will have an abundance of food, rest from our travels and victory over our enemy at every turn. Lord God make it so.

    • Bobby, those believers in the wilderness are definitely in my heart. I think that we must encourage them by allowing God to unveil Christ in a greater way to them, through us.

  3. amen brother!

  4. Great post, brother! Particularly liked hearing about the Armor of God as something that is put upon corporately. That was a new thought to me. Loved thinking it, though! It’s truly liberating to realize that my individual walk with Christ is incomplete without my brothers and sisters. Still in the wilderness, I’m truly thankful for all the encouragement I receive from brothers and sisters from across the world through the Net. Including you. My prayer is that the Lord will lead my wife and I to be assembled with other believers who want to press on into the Promised Land. // Daniel

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Daniel. It pleases my heart to know that God is able to encourage you through me. I am confident that the Lord will lead you to others who want to press on into the the Promised Land, since this is His desire as well.

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