I Won’t Be Blogging Anymore

The End

The title really says it all. I don’t really have much to say in this post. Since I am in the middle of a series, I will finish the series with one more post summarizing what I wanted to say, without going into all the details. Also, I will have one more blog post after that as a farewell blog post. In that post, I will give my reasons and a little more information than in this post.

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  1. In nearly 8 years of blogging Peter I have taken multiple breaks some lasting days, some weeks and some even months. Hopefully this will be ‘until I sense the Lord prompting me to blog again’ vs. ‘The end’.

    That said, only you know best how the Lord is leading you … so I look forward to the next couple of posts.

    Peter, may you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving season IN Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior and King!


    • Thanks Bernie! I will probably blog again someday, whether on this blog or somewhere else I don’t know. Thank you for your support. Grace, blessings, and strength to you in Christ, brother.

      • Peter:

        Hi My name is Joanne, I m really new to this post and you have the spriitual background that I use to grow with ex. watchmen nee and autin sparks and the like. it has been about 20 years, since my study of Christ, and now I ve the full bible by witness lee. I ve in a new revelation of christ and my mind. So when Christ leds you back do call or e mail me, I look forward to your coming back ! 314-435-8098 or/and joanneklinger@yahoo.com

        In His Holiness, joanne

  2. whitneymckendreemoore

    I hope you are okay and not discouraged in any way. Please know how much I enjoy your presence on Google+ — or should I say Christ’s presence. God bless you, brother, as we enter this new year.

    In Christ,
    Whitney McKendree Moore

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