What is Grace?

The Lord is with your spirit. Grace is with you.

When the Lord Jesus became the Life-giving Spirit, and entered into our spirit, He became our Grace. The fullness of the Triune God is within this Man, Jesus and He ascended so that He could be the Life-giving Spirit to enter into us. The Life-giving Spirit is not just the Spirit of God, but also the Spirit of the Last Adam, the Spirit of the Perfect Man. Only by having the Spirit of the crucified and resurrected Man, could we enjoy the effectiveness of His death and resurrection. So the Lord Spirit, who is with our spirit, is the mingled Spirit of God and Man, for God has forever taken humanity into Himself, so that He may forever put Himself into humanity. This is Grace: God, in Christ, entering into us and saturating us with Himself, to be Everything for us.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Since the Lord is with our spirit, we must turn to our spirit, to grow in Grace. Every day and every moment, we turn to the Spirit and enjoy Christ as our Grace, as our Love, as our Life, as God’s provision for our every need. This is to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s not an outward knowledge of objective facts, but it’s the inward knowledge of the experiential Lord Jesus, who is the Reality.

Not only is He the Lord within us, He is also the Savior. Whenever we turn to the Spirit, He is saving us as our Grace. By turning to the Spirit, He is spreading to renew our mind, will, and emotions. He is growing and enlarging within us, so that we may magnify Him.

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  1. Wow. Grace is so much more than “unmerited favor.”

  2. that`s really great

  3. Amazing post Peter, thank you for the great encouragement this simple truth has brought me.

    It is true, yet I hadn’t realised it this way before, that Christ is our all and everything, and His Spirit is the great Life that we are so wonderfully blessed to have dwelling in us.

    • Wonderful, brother! May Christ as our all and everything not just be something objective to us, but may we experience Him as our all and everything! You may also enjoy a book called “Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things” by Watchman Nee. Thanks for commenting and encouraging me!

      • I am encouraged by your right emphasis on “experiencing Christ”. I have been put off the way much of the Church values experience over doctrine, yet those parts of the Church are ones that use sensual experiences, whilst you my dear brother insist on doctrinally sound experience of Christ. Big difference.

        • What a wonderful compliment, brother! I have learned that living by our mind or by our emotions is the same mistake. We must live by the Spirit, the Holy of Holies, within us. In the Holy of Holies, it was completely dark, so the senses were useless. Likewise, the Spirit is not of our physical or mental senses. Although, our mind, will, and emotions will certainly be affected by Him, as we turn and receive Him.

          If you have been encouraged by my writings, I recommend Watchman Nee, T. Austin-Sparks, and Witness Lee. What I share is just a continuation of their ministries of Christ.

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