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The Limiting of God

Train tracks

Train tracks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. – [Rev 22:12 NASB]

It’s been almost 2,000 years since Christ spoke these words in John’s vision. We have to wonder why it has been such a long period of time. I am sure that many no longer believe He is coming quickly.

Was Christ wrong? Never!

Is it because time is different for Him? Well, a 1,000 years for God is like a day. But, Christ was talking to Him beloved Bride. He knows how what time is like for us. He is our His Priest and He sympathizes with us.

Has Christ been slow to return? Has He taken His time? No.

Christ is very quick to return. He would not wait an extra second.

So what has happened? Why has it been 2,000 years?

God has limited Himself. The omnipotent, omnipresent God has limited Himself by humanity.

In the Old Testament, God limited Himself to the ark of testimony. This ark had to be carried by His Priests. In order for God to move, He had to be carried by His People.

Do you see that this is just a type of the reality that we have today? In order for Christ to move today, He must be carried by His People. Christ goes where we go.

So has Christ been slow to return? No, we have been slow. He would move in the flash of lightning, but we would take our time. We have not allowed Him to prepare us. Christ must return victoriously. He must have attained His eternal desire. Christ must have His testimony, a People filled up with Him. Christ must have His Bride City, the New Jerusalem.

Pray without ceasing, because your prayers lay the tracks for God’s move.

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Aids to “Revelation” by Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee

Image via Wikipedia

…The reader of this book must keep his heart pure- that is to say, he is not to read it out of curiosity concerning future events. He ought instead to peruse its pages with the desire to know more of God’s word so that he may keep God’s will and may receive whatever He intends to give through His word.” – Watchman Nee

In Aids to “Revelation”, Watchman Nee opens our eyes to see that “…the book of Revelation is not one of secrecy but one of disclosure.” This opposes the modern view that Revelation is one of mysterious symbols that cannot be understood. To show that Revelation is indeed a revelation, Watchman Nee points out that more than half of the symbols in Revelation are already explained in its pages.

This book in not an in depth study of Revelation, but is rather, as its title states, an aid. Watchman Nee briefly examines the various interpretations of Revelation and decides that the Futurist position is most satisfactory. Although, He refuses to “argue which interpretation is right and which is wrong”. The true interpretation of Revelation is to be found in its own pages.

The key to understanding Revelation, according to the Watchman Nee, is in Revelation 1:19:

Write therefore the things that you have seen, those that are and those that are to take place after this.
(Rev 1:19 ESV)

Therefore, Watchman Nee divides the books into these three categories: Things that you have seen, those that are, and those that are to take place after this. As he describes these divisions, Watchman Nee explains how the prophecies of Daniel, Jesus, Peter, Paul, and John are all complementary and speak of the same things. In addition, Watchman Nee describes the meaning and significance of numbers and uses Scripture to reinforce the meaning of each number.

This book is a great encouragement to those of us who are overwhelmed by the complexity of modern interpretations and the belief that this book is not understandable. If you don’t agree with Watchman Nee’s understanding of Revelation, in spite of His Scripture references and use of historical sources, this book will at least encourage you that the book of Revelation was meant to be understandable for those who love God.

Prophetic Art

This is a picture drawn for me by Nathan Brown. Nathan Brown creates prophetic works of art for God. His website is Dancing for Jesus with a Paintbrush.

You may ask: what is prophetic art? Judy Ross explains it on her website, Breakthrough Art, like this:

Prophetic painting is expressing through paint and canvas what God is revealing by the Holy Spirit to me. There is the act of worship while painting inspirational art and prophetic art. They are both valid expressions, but prophetic art has a unique message and impact.”

One important lesson that I have learned in my walk with God, is that we should never dismiss anyone’s experience. Especially, if it may be the work of the Holy Spirit. I am not an artist, but I have been given visions and dreams and I can understand the desire to put those visions and dreams into art. I especially appreciate the picture that was drawn for me. I can hear God’s voice in it.

Purifying Love

Part 1:
What a beautiful day.
What a sea so blue.

There is no greater love
than that of these two.

They sail on a vast boat,
its white color is brilliant and pure.

Their voyage seems to be perfect,
but what else could they be in for?

They have fun on jet skis,
joyful laughing and playing around

There is complete peace around them,
besides their giggling, there is not a sound.

They are at the bow of the boat
having a joyous time together

Oh that this honeymoon would continue
the end, not to be seen ever

The couple appears flawless
no greater beauty can we imagine

The Groom is tall and handsome,
with greater looks than prince charming.

The Bride is gentle and gorgeous
with golden hair and a flowing dress

Never has there been such a brilliant couple
their marriage is surely blessed.

Your love is so great
and Your love is so true.
No one can love us as much as You.

Through the light
and through the darkness
We will follow Your lead to perfect holiness.

Part 2:
A veil blows in the wind
it waves back and forth.

It blows over the man’s face
His pure shape shows His worth.

But the wind shifts the veil
it covers the Woman’s face.

It reveals a great evil,
the Groom looks upon with distaste.

Then the veil is gone,
the Groom knows the truth.

But He still sees Her as perfect
His unconditional love does not need proved.

The couple come together,
they meet each other in loving embrace.

Their kiss is picture perfect,
in it there is no haste.

Your love is so great
and Your love is so true.
No one can love us as much as You.

Through the light
and through the darkness
We will follow Your lead to perfect holiness.

Part 3:
Out of nowhere men arrive
as they ride on jet skis.

They surround the great boat,
from their guns, their fury, they unleash.

The boat is filled with holes,
the kissing couple is too.

Their love is tested by fire
and found to be true

The Ones in love stand strong,
not missing a single beat.

They remain embraced and kissing,
their love surpasses this evil feat.

From the holes in the couple
spring forth fountains of red blood.

The boat is sinking,
the water pours in like a flood.

The blood and water mix,
as the kissing couple go underwater.

Though all seems lost,
there is a peace to this slaughter.

Your love is so great
and Your love is so true.
No one can love us as much as You.

Through the light
and through the darkness
We will follow Your lead to perfect holiness.

Part 4:
Suddenly the Groom reaches the surface,
not a mark scars His features.

Next a woman appears
Her hair is dark and Her looks tougher

She remains beautiful and feminine,
but gone is the fairytale princess.

The jet skis remain intact,
on Their way home will be great tests.

The Groom leads the way.
The Brides follows His every move.

The enemy awaits them,
His skill, the Groom will prove.

He performs great feats
and the enemy is no match.

The Bride is able to follow
His cleared and safe path.

The ending is not for us to know,
in the Groom we must put our faith.

The future will bring danger for the Church,
as long as we follow Christ’s lead we will be safe.

Your love is so great
and Your love is so true.
No one can love us as much as You.

Through the light
and through the darkness
We will follow Your lead to perfect holiness.

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