Let Us Pray by Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee

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In “Let Us Pray”, Watchman Nee brings us into the deep waters of the mystery of prayer. He reveals that “the prayer which a believer utters on earth is but the voicing of the Lord’s will in heaven”. Any expression of our own will that is not God’s will is not prayer at all and will be ineffective.

Using examples from Scripture, Watchman Nee shows the importance of prayer in the lives of Christians, because “all the actions in heaven are governed by the actions on earth!” Although, God has His eternal will, which He will complete, He will wait to act until His People join with Him in prayer.

Watchman Nee uses the parable of the widow, who repeatedly bothers the judge because of the oppression of her enemy, to show the importance of praying against Satan. This is a type of prayer that Jesus prophesied would be rare when He returns.

I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
(Luk 18:8 ESV)

Watchman Nee continues throughout the book showing the importance of prayer, offering examples of effectual prayers, explaining types of prayers, and revealing the schemes that Satan uses to harm us.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much when I started reading this little book. I have quite a few books on prayer and there comes a point when you have to ask: “Is there anything else that someone can say about prayer?” Watchman Nee has showed me my many failures in prayer. I understood that prayer is always to be according to God’s will, but I didn’t realize He waits for our prayers before He acts.

How unfaithful to my Lord have I been in this matter! I have not been praying for His return. I have not been praying for Satan to be bound and cast into the pit. I have not begged our Father to rebuke the evil one with all of His wrath for causing all kinds of pains and sufferings on His Children. Christ has revealed to me that He wishes for us to join in His work and is willing to delay the fulfillment of His will, because we don’t yet care enough to pray about His desires. How the army of heaven has suffered, because we have been unwilling to aid them in their battle against the enemy of Christ.

If Christ is always interceding for us, how can we justify not joining with Him in fulfilling the eternal purpose of God?

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  1. Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ, all over the world!! Hows it going these days?? What a world we live in today heh?? All kinds of things are happening heh? Just like the Word of God says it would happen? Famines,

  2. Hey Brothers and Sisters, all over the world!! Hows it going? Im taking it day to day! I like what Watchman Nee says alot of times. I can confess that I use to dable into the black arts, I was an adulterior with prostitutes, I was a drunkard and on drugs. As well, that on the other side of the coin, one of my parents was shot, I was molested when I was a little boy, and my girlfriend was murdered by a serial killer. But I want to say this, that prayer does help! It takes all of you to to pray to God! To love the LORD with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength. And in Christ Jesus, all your prayers to personal salvation can be answered. When it came to forgiving my enemies, I did it through Christ, who strengthens me. The man who killed my girlfriend, I forgave him. Prayer does help! So, im just bringing my testimony. Today, Im just a street preacher.
    Sincerely yours,
    David Maxie
    Email me if you want,

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